Knowing how your students learn

Identifying how students learn will help teachers choose the right teaching methods and tools, thereby aid in the student’s learning process. Universities and Colleges witness students from diverse background – educational, cultural, social, economic, demographic – who have various learning needs.

It is essential to provide a learning ecosystem that is ingenious and one that prepares them for the future. Education is the beginning of your students’ professional lives. Now is the time to make your words and example count.

e-Learning in higher education concerns a vast ecosystem encompassing organizational, procedural and transactional ethos of a college or university. Higher education and more specifically technical education, as defined by engineering and management domains, are undergoing a tremendous metamorphosis. Deep rooted reforms are being undertaken to improve quality and access. The ideology driving these reforms has been to transform HE institutions from teaching establishments into incubators of research and innovation which will drive societal development. Such a fundamental departure, which affects not just the elite few but encompass a vast majority, has required a re-hauling of existing thoughts, systems and processes.

Newer and disruptive learning models are being researched and implemented. Technology, as an enabler, is critical in overhauling the ecosystem of higher education. At a policy level, there have been higher levels of investment in infrastructure and educational reforms. They do not essentially translate into better learning outcomes nor do they guarantee better involvement from the learners, aka, students. e-Learning as a tool and technique helps address the Expectations, Learning Abilities and Preferences of your students, while deliberating on the Learning Environment, (existing) Infrastructure and Accountability of Teachers and the Management.

Bridges are being built between education and society in general to improve interaction and application. At Excelsoft, we help Educational institutions bridge the digital divide through a choice of e-Learning solutions that complement the existing (teaching) delivery mechanisms.

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